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Q.  What is the "best" instrument to study?

Q.  Should my child play acoustic or electric?

Q.  How do the classes work during the school hours?  Would they interfere or replace another class?

Q.  I want to sign up for lessons but don’t want my child to miss class.  Is that possible?

Q.  Can my child have lessons while at extended day?

Q.  How are music lessons beneficial to the broader picture of my child’s growth?

Q.  What options do I have, if I want to play 2 instruments?

Q.  Can my child study "instrument X" in kindergarten?


Singers (choir)

Q.  What is this "audition process" that you refer to, particularly in regards to the 4th graders?

Q.  Do I need to go to rehearsals?

Q.  Are rehearsals during or after school?

Q.  Why are during-school rehearsals often labeled as for "Melodines" or "Harmonizers?"

Q.  What if I can't make the "right" rehearsal for my section but can goto the other one?

Q.  Which rehearsal should band members attend?

Q.  I want to play in the band but can't attend rehearsals.  Can I still play?

TheatreWorks (stage)

facility INFO

Open on days that school is in session.

Saint Mary Elementary School

538 Church Street

Middletown, New Jersey 07748

Phone: 732-671-0129

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