Tips for buying & renting Instruments


A real piano is the best, no electronic keyboard can compare.

If you are planning to use an electronic keyboard, aim for one with weighted keys and hopefully 76 of them, 88 is a full keyboard, even better



If you are not yet a full sized human, go for a 1/2 or 3/4 sized acoustic guitar.  Also, if you restring it with "Silk and Steel" strings, they will be softer and more comfortable on your fingers than the Bronze wound strings they typically have.


While a Soprano ukulele is the most widely seen uke, it is also the smallest.  We reccommend a Concert or Tenor sized uke.  They're a little bigger and so are easier to finger and also have more "body" in the sound.


Brass and Woodwind instruments are a great choice if you want to play in the band!  Many local music shops rent.  I know Jacks Music does rent-to-own, and if you use the coupon code "Mike Kabash" they may give you about 25% off the standard rental price.

The pTrumpet is the world’s first ever fully plastic trumpet – a fully functioning Bb trumpet, designed in the UK for musicians by musicians.  They also make  a pBone trombone!


Here are some sticks we recommend  They are 5B sticks, it's not a major issue, different thicknesses basically.

Here is the practice pad we recommend.

This is the only book we'll ever need.

Classical Piano
Acoustic Guitar
Trumpet 2
Flute and notes